Good to Meet You

My grandfather was a shutterbug, his vintage Canon sits proudly in my collection of cameras. His slides are a connection to my past, his shots captured the laughter, smiles, tears and hugs. They’re all I will ever know of him, and that link is priceless. This is what motivates me to capture who your family truly is.

I know how much memories mean.

It is important to me to capture the honest truth, the heartfelt and real moments people share together. Yes, birthdays and occasions are important, but it’s the relaxed “everyday” moments that show the love, compassion, and tenderness your family has for one another.

It’s these pure, relaxed moments that create inspired images.

In life’s unpredictable adventure it’s even more important to have a record of the quiet times. The smile on your son’s face when his toes touch the ocean, the way your newborn sleeps peacefully on your chest, the way your spouse ‘s eyes crinkle when you kiss his or her cheek. The snuggles, the giggles, the moments of joy, and hugs of support are what I strive to capture. It is those moments that breathe life and emotion into my images. It is in those moments where my best work is created.

I always knew my life would be a creative one. I pursued my passion, fell in love, married my best friend, worked as a freelance artist, an art teacher, a graphic designer and a photographer. I love my life and am thankful every day.

What makes me tick? I’m easy– if it’s an Apple product, I’ve probably already got it. I am a total reno-junkie. Our 1920’s home is in a perpetual state of renovations that I LOVE doing with my husband. I get excited when I see a piece of funky but damaged furniture on the side of the road. And, it probably goes without saying that I’m hopelessly addicted to Pinterest, Instagram and coffee.

My biggest flaw? Oh, that’s definitely house plants. Don’t bother bringing me anything living. While I can turn an old, dilapidated chair into something comfortable and eye-catching, plants die within seconds of entering our house. I swear I don’t do anything. Wait… maybe that’s the problem…

I believe that happiness is the most important thing in life. Do what you love and the rest will fall into place.

I will capture your story and frame your special moments in images that will bring back fond memories for years to come.

I can’t wait to hear from you. I know we’ll create a beautiful story together.


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